New Contrast Issue 187 Digital


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In this issue:


  • The Proust Questionnaire: Sally Ann Murray


  • Jeanne Ellis, Tableaux Vivants
  • Rebecca Ruth Gould, On Loving Two Men
  • Rizwan Akhtar, Done by Silence / Consequences
  • Medzani Musandiwa, Village Roads on a Moonlit Night
  • Nadia Sanger, Child, Outside / Father
  • Esona Madikwa, (Awunagama)
  • Julia Smuts Louw, The Weak Spot
  • Charika Swanepoel, I Fell in Love with an Historian Once
  • Michael Shum, Rule Britannia / Bite
  • Marilé du Plessis, Red Velvet Cake
  • Elodi Troskie, die hond op die strand in Hua Hin, Thailand / tattoo van ’n olifant
  • Lorinda van Heerden, StoriesseirotS / Bird Watching
  • Pieter Odendaal, Ouma, Here’s the Imphepho / miskien is die hiernamaals
  • Francine Simon, Ganges / Pondicherry / Cow
  • Johann van der Walt, Twee Groot Mossels
  • Aaliyah Davids, Script
  • André J. Kershaw, G-String / Stellenbosch
  • Caitlin Alice Wiggill, Air-eater
  • Jeani Margje Goedhart, Wordbr[Acre]: Fragments to the Speaker for the [Art.
  • Alex Dreppec, Spam Poem
  • Nicholas A. Dawn, double-dollop hybrid
  • Awethu Putumani, Intlakohlaza</li>
  • Paula Fourie, To a Future South African
  • Julie Nxadi, Iinyawo Zinodaka (Mud on her feet)


  • Shubnum Khan, Waiting for the Moringa Tree to Flower
  • Sarah Uheida, Where Missing Girls Go
  • Mathilda Slabbert, Untied
  • P P Fourie, Tones of Glass
  • A W Bosman, Mi Corazón
  • Abbey Khambule, Mu Arae
  • Acan Innocent Immaculate, Musezi

Artworks and Other

  • Robyn Pretorius, Basotho, Original Royals / Milestones / Myles / Unfolding Seeflex
  • Distilling the Chaos: An Interview with Masande Ntshanga by Wamuwi Mbao
  • Notes from a Bibliophile: Views and Reviews from Tony Ullyatt


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