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In August 2017, the AVBOB Mutual Assurance Society launched a poetry competition that was unusual in many respects. Most noteworthy is that the competition offered entries in all the 11 official languages of South Africa covering the themes of Love, Hope, Birth and Death. The winners of the 2017 AVBOB Poetry Project (one in each of the 11 official languages of South Africa) were announced at a gala event held in June 2018. AVBOB collaborated with New Contrast to publish the winners in the Spring issue of our magazine.

In this issue:

An Interview with Mr Frik Rademan, CEO of AVBOB



  • 1st Place: Lynthia Julius, Vir Al Jarreau
  • Translation: Lynthia Julius, For Al Jarreau
  • 2nd Place: Susan Smith, passaat
  • Translation: Susan Smith, passage
  • 3rd Place: Herman Lategan, Vir ’n bidsprinkaan
  • Translation: Herman Lategan, For a praying mantis


    • 1st Place: Caroline F. Archer, Puppet master
    • 2nd Place: Helen Moffett, Brain MRI
    • 3rd Place: Mfundo Mthombeni, It’s been too long


    • 1st Place: Queen Mahlangu, Litjhingile
    • Translation: Queen Mahlangu, It’s over
    • 2nd Place: Nurse Nonhlanhla Mbonani, Khetha Yena
    • Translation: Nurse Nonhlanhla Mbonani, Choose Him
    • 3rd Place: Thabi Mahamba, Ngiyathokoza ngokungikhulisa
    • Translation: Thabi Mahamba, Thank you for raising me


    • 1st Place: Nolusindiso Penxa, Akwaba ndandithethile
    • Translation: Nolusindiso Penxa, I wish I’d said
    • 2nd Place: Sihle Ndamane, Ndicela ningandilileli
    • Translation: Sihle Ndamane, Please don’t cry for me
    • 3rd Place: Simphiwe Nolutshungu, Ndiye ndalibala
    • Translation: Simphiwe Nolutshungu, I had forgotten


    • 1st Place: Kutsi Emmanuel Lindinkosi Mpanza, Wangishiya ngokuzuma
    • Translation: Kutsi Emmanuel Lindinkosi Mpanza, You left me without warning
    • 2nd Place: Lungile Chamane, Siwile isihlahla
    • Translation: Lungile Chamane, The tree has fallen
    • 3rd Place: S’Fiso Oscar Zwelihle Mkhize, Kuzofa ukufa
    • Translation: S’Fiso Oscar Zwelihle Mkhize, Death will die


      • 1st Place: Mosima Phakane, Khutša
      • Translation: Mosima Phakane, Rest
      • 2nd Place: Moses Seletisha, Mahlodi
      • Translation: Moses Seletisha, Mahlodi
      • 3rd Place: Mokgaetji Glory Tladi, Ditebogo di kae?
      • Translation: Mokgaetji Glory Tladi, Where’s the gratitude?


      • 1st Place: Tieho Mkhendane, Ntjapedi
      • Translation: Tieho Mkhendane, Unity
      • 2nd Place: Deo Mogoera, Sefofane
      • Translation: Deo Mogoera, Aeroplane
      • 3rd Place: Themba Motete, Nako jwale e fihlile
      • Translation: Themba Motete, The time has come


      • 1st Place: Nthabiseng Cujane, Go siame
      • Translation: Nthabiseng Cujane, It’s alright
      • 2nd Place: Keabetsw Ramatlo, Mma o re siile
      • Translation: Keabetsw Ramatlo, Mother you left us


        • 1st Place: Thembi Gwebu, Tinyembeti
        • Translation: Thembi Gwebu, Tears
        • 2nd Place: Obed Hearthstones, Kumtsatsile
        • Translation: Obed Hearthstones, It has taken her


          • 1st Place: Samuel Ngwedzeni Tshovhoṱa, U bebwa ha lutshetshe
          • Translation: Samuel Ngwedzeni Tshovhoṱa, A child is born
          • 2nd Place: Domina Napoleon Munzhelele, Ndi ṅwana wau
          • Translation: Domina Napoleon Munzhelele, It is your child
          • 3rd Place: Ndivhuyafhi Godfey Musubi, Maduvha a kalakataho
          • Translation: Ndivhuyafhi Godfey Musubi, Bitter days


          • 1st Place: Mashimbye Owners Hluvukani, Xihlamariso
          • Translation: Mashimbye Owners Hluvukani, A surprise
          • 2nd Place: Musa Aubrey Baloyi, U rhukane swikwembu
          • Translation: Musa Aubrey Baloyi, You swore at the gods
          • 3rd Place: Ximbani Eric Mabaso, Maxangu na nhlomulo
          • Translation: Ximbani Eric Mabaso, Grief and sorrow


          • Renée Rossouw, Kabuki on Ochre / Lines S Moves On / Black & White Wood 01 / Black & White Wood 02


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