New Contrast Issue 191 Digital


Our Spring 2020 issue is packed with poetry, prose and art featuring Azael Langa, Sarah Uheid, Stephen Devereux, Rosa Keet, Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe and many more.
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In this issue:


  • Azael Langa, Distance travelers 2019 / Paved path 2019 / intellectual property 2020 / Our efforts don’t go in vain 2020


  • Sarah Uheida, I Once was Naïve Enough to be a Woman / A Country is No Small Thing
  • Stephen Devereux, Family Man
  • Berno van Zijl, Moving On
  • Connor Cogill, Sunday Roast
  • Jarryd Terblanche, Imagine
  • Rebecca Robinson, Lined Paper
  • Rustin Reiners, I’m Thinking
  • Aiden Louw, The Geyser
  • John Ellis, Unsettled Conditions
  • Kristen Harding, Mothballs and Tablecloths / Cousin/Sister
  • Celine Solomons, Two Plates
  • Jamie Conway, Blurry
  • Kerenza Lunde, Liam
  • Samantha Horwitz, Coming Undone: Lockdown Level 4
  • Sharon Evans, Wash, Rinse, Repeat
  • Kirsten Deane, My Sister is My Mother / My Fat Friend
  • Lara Alhadeff, I wanted
  • Mari de Beer, Traces
  • Carla Cronje, Kanon at Night
  • Abaashieyah Moses, The Pigeon Farmer
  • Justin Williams, Homeward
  • Gillian Rennie, Here is the River / Five Hundred Grams
  • Cornelia Fick, The Roof
  • Diana Bloem, Arlene Lives in Our House
  • Rosa Keet, ‘n Harari storie / Nog steeds om die gebeendere…


  • Alexis Pretorius, Cologne
  • Christan Botes, Suit in the Desert
  • Christopher Kudyahakudadirwe, Ouma’s Glasses
  • Ina Conradie, Naartjies in Lockdown
  • Lara Alhadeff, Commitment
  • Warrick Sony (Swinney), The Palisade of Culture
  • Julia Martin, Macabees


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