New Contrast Issue 193


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In this issue:

Artworks & Reviews

  • Greatjoy Ndlovu, Alpha Male / Conversations of a Man / Mother’s Love / Nonkululeko
  • Cover artwork: Pola Maneli, What Happens Next Came To Me In A Brief Moment of Clarity
  • Transcontinental Delay: Wamuwi Mbao In Conversation with Simon van Schalkwyk
  • Review: Catallus in South Africa



  • Busisiwe Mahlangu, I wear mother’s bones
  • Melissa Sussens, A New Veterinarian Spends a Compulsory Year Working at a Slaughterhouse
  • Stephen Devereux, 2020
  • Basil du Toit, Sea languages
  • Yuan Changming, Yin/Yang vs Water/Fire: A lesson in Chinese characters
  • Anvesh Jain, Voyages
  • Susan Woodward, jumpie and winkie
  • Sarah Uheida, I was naïve enough to be a woman
  • Charika Swanepoel, Anna
  • Peter Merrington, Sunday School anniversary
  • Zian Viviers, Judas
  • Anton Krueger, When
  • Angelique Thomas, Wat kriewel in my ma rond Siniko Nomdlomboyi, Undoqo Sisibindi / Akukho nkang’edubul’ingethi
  • Lewellin RG Jegels, my karretjie mense
  • Sevval Akin, Blood oranges
  • Hanta Henning, granaat
  • Ferial Mohamed, The Flowerseller
  • Omotunde Oredipe, The Offing Place
  • Kyle Allan, poem 36
  • Nicholas Samaras, How a body becomes California
  • Abu Bakr Solomons, Lumumba’s tooth
  • Dennis Webster, Morning run in a pandemic



  • Lerothodi Lapula Leeuw, The Waiting Room
  • Bongo Rulashe, Askari Surprise at Morule Police Station
  • Thomas Pia, The Wishing Well
  • Lily Hoang, A Garden
  • F.T. Kola, Excerpts from an Encyclopaedia of Fantastical Beings in 999 Volumes
  • Stacy Hardy, Men on the Side of the Road


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