New Contrast Issue 182


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In this issue:

An interview with Unathi Slasha by Thabo Jijana


  • Ingrid Jonker, Bitterbessie Dagbreek
  • Christine Coates, The Sky Above Me / Learning to Drive
  • Rizwan Akhtar, Homing Pigeon / Embraced
  • Joan Hambidge, Pase 2018 / Erfstuk: Maggie Laubser
  • Motlalentoa Letsosa, At My Neighbour’s Funeral
  • Louella Sullivan, Cooking Lessons
  • Stephen Symons, My Son was Conscripted
  • Kimentha Govender, Puzzle Piece / Dear…
  • Natalie Crick, I See You / Suburbia
  • Tariro Ndoro, the people in my pelt
  • Mark A. Murphy, 21st Century Poem
  • Erica Penfold, Let’s Move In
  • Ilse van Staden, hoender en eier / waterwiggel
  • Francine Simon, Apaulette
  • Janine Lange, I Live in a House / Yolanda
  • Kambani Ramano, what is the meaning of skin? / when no-one was looking I washed my hands


  • Shubnum Khan, Turning to Look Back: Ten Moments
  • Wendy Woodward, Stories and Silences in my Father’s House
  • Samuel E. Cole, Apartment Three on Brimley Street in Teotoni Falls
  • Catriona Ross, Life Nine
  • Russell Kaschula, Redemption
  • Melina Meletakos, Unanchored

Artwork & Other

  • Katharine Meeding, Johan Laughing / The Sagacity of the Beard / The Lady and the Cat / Die Offisier
  • Notes from a Bibliophile: Views and Reviews from Tony Ullyatt and Wendy Woodward


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