New Contrast operates on a subscription financial model, with a few retail outlets making copies available. Subscriptions cover the four (4) issues published in a calendar year, but you can buy a subscription at any time.


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Editorial and subscription address:

New Contrast, PO Box 44844, Claremont, 7735, Cape Town, South Africa
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You can buy a subscription using an EFT, or using a credit card, or as a last resort, using a cheque.

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Usually in the fourth quarter of the year, all current subscribers will be sent a pro forma invoice inviting them to pay a subscription for the following year, and showing the price. Reminder letters are sent out in January/February as well.

If you would like to subscribe, let the Business Manager know via email or standard mail, and you will be sent an invoice.



New Contrast operates on a very tight budget, the Editor is a volunteer and is not paid anything for their services. If you would like to donate money to secure New Contrast, please let the Editor or Business Manager know, and then use the existing channels to deposit your donation.



New Contrast can be bought from the following bookstores:

Current and back issues can also be purchased direct from the Editor/Business Manager, who can be contacted on the addresses listed on the contact page.